Hope24 is a special event for many reasons. Located in Plympton on a private estate, the event provides a friendly atmosphere for runners to get together and challenge themselves to achieve their own targets. Based on a 5-mile trail course in this stunning estate, the event is open to solo runners or teams of 2-8, over a 24 hour period.

In addition we also have two children’s races that take place on the morning of the Saturday, and a single lap 5 mile version for those that find the thought of 24 hours to daunting.

  • There are no category prizes offered, rather we prefer to give random prizes;
  • Camping is part of the price and includes supporters and family;
  • Everyone receives our special medal, technical t-shirt and often a little treat;
  • On site our runners have access to massage, food, drink, cake, toilets and drinking water;
  • Parking is free and off road;
  • There are fundraising options, but this is down to you, we just provide incentives if you raise for our chosen charities, but we are happy for you to use this event to raise for any charity close to your hearts;
  • We have one golden rule, ‘Live it, Love it, Run it’, this is our ethos and we run the event with a smile and support everyone.

Come and join us and if you want to really get a feel for the ‘family’ that is Hope24, look at our past event photos here.