Steve Jackson – (Launceston, Cornwall)

Late entry.

Graham Willcock – (Truro, Cornwall)

Usually compete within OCRs and now running in more road and Trail events
Running competitively for past 2.5 years

Lloyd Roberts – (Marden, Kent)

I am a plymouth uni student that has no history in runner for 24 hour but always up for the challenge.

Jake Flack – (Plymouth, Devon)

Solo Runner

Dean Pioer – (Plymouth, Devon)

Recently completed the Manchester Marathon, the Plymouth Half Marathon and I am very keen to test my endurance further

Martin French – (Plymouth, Devon)

Running solo….never done this type of event before, roped into it as a late entry!!

Jon Pressling – (Paignton, Devon)

First time tackling an ultra and previously completed two Ironman races.

Tony McCann – (Exmouth, Devon)

I am taking Jane MacDonald’s place as she is unable to run due to injury.
I was persuaded to take part as my wife, Amanda McCann, is running as a soloist and my two sons Connor and Ryan are running in the junior race.
Hopefully this year the night won’t be so cold!

Jason Carr – (Plymouth, Devon)

Team H world domination.

andrew delve – (millbrook, cornwall)

First Timer.

Kevin Mowat – (Bristol, Bs15 4qa)

Bitton Road Runners

steve harvey – (plymouth, devon)

I’m the 2012 national and world ultra triathlon champion 2013 triple deca 4th place finisher and finisher of the RedBull trans siberian extreme 6500mile cycle race were i finished in 2nd place

Andrew Baynton – (Royston, Cambridgeshire)

Running in support of my mum who runs for the NSPCC. Generally pretty fit but new to long distance running so this will be a challenge!

Robert Stewart – (PLYMOUTH, Devon)

I love you challenge myself and having completed an ironman and various other triathlons found this event to be next on the list.

Mark Price – (Plymouth, Devon)

I’m an idiot and the voices in my head told me to do it.
Second year solo, absolutely loved it last year, great atmosphere and people.

Lloyd Hopes – (Plymouth, Devon)

I like running!

Jason Vinnicombe – (Camborne, Cornwall)

Have previously run the plague 64miles and the classic quarter as a solo runner too

Dean Nugent – (tewkesbury, gloucestershire)

ultra marathon running for combat stress as an veteran myself

Tom Pearson – (Truro, Cornwall)

Done some half Marathons before this. Wanted to challenge myself

Sean Morris – (Plymouth, Devon)

This will be my third Hope24 and again running as a Solo runner

Greg Hawkins – (plymouth, devon)

Team h Running Plymouth probably over 10 soloists now

Shaun Windo – (Brea, Camborne, Cornwall)

Looking to see how many miles I can run in 24 hours πŸ™‚

Moss Everhard – (Bramhall, Cheshire)

Solo runner….first 24 hour race…hoping for 100 miles

James Payne – (Plymouth, Devon)

A sucker that entered under peer pressure! Aim is to run more laps than a friend’s team of 3.

Daniel Gale – (Saltash, Cornwall)

I wanted to find a challenge for my 40th year, and I hope this will be the beginning of my ultra running journey πŸ™‚

Robert Beard – (Camelford, Cornwall)

Club runner for Bodmin Road Runners, will be running this for the 1st time after being recommended by friends, wife will also be competing πŸ™‚

lee renshaw – (Plymouth, Devon)


Marcus Cronin – (Plymouth, Devon)

Running for Brain Tumor Research in memory of my wife Caroline.

Paul Youngman – (Plymouth, Devon)

I belong to Plymouth Musketeers RC

I’m running for a personal target

Dougal martin – (plymouth, devon)

Ultra trail runner when not working…

Kirk Davidson – (Plymouth, Devon)

Heard about the event through a friend- I’ll be camping with my wife and our four children to make this a real family event. I’m a veteran, I left the military in 2014 having served 22 years in the Royal Navy. I’m now retraining as a surveyor and very pleased to be able to spend more time with my family exploring south Devon together. We’re all expecting a fun-filled weekend.

Ben Morrish – (Plymouth, Devon)

Coming back for a 3rd year in a row hoping to improve on previous miles of 100miles and 105 miles

richard speller – (horsham, west sussex)

I did 104 miles at the sri Chinmoy 24 hr track event and want to try an off road event

Paul Heath – (Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire)

this is the first 24 hour event i have took part in .

Mark Stockman – (Paignton, Devon)

Back for more

PAUL GOLLEY – (St Austell, Cornwall)

Back again, loved it last year.

Simon Booker – (Rugby, Warks)

The running widow of a fantastically talented running wife (Sarah)!
Took part in 2015 and had to defer now back and looking forward to attaching 2 hills again!

paul yates – (Saltash, Cornwall)

Just a runner back for another adventure….

simon Ellison – (Evesham, Worcestershire)

I’m cap πŸ™‚

Darren Peters – (Plymouth, Devon)

3rd year of doing this great event, thinking this year will be more of a jolly and long training weekend, rather than any targets to hit.

Alan Macauley – (Saltash, Cornwall)

This more than just a race to me. This is a running community coming together to do what we do best!

Simon Wengradt – (Saltash, Cornwall)

I’m a solo runner running to raise money for a local youth in Saltash called the core. I have a completed a number of ultras and am hoping to complete 100 miles in the 24 hours

Ian Saxby – (Saltash, Cornwall)


Brett Leacher – (Plymouth, Devon)

Steve Hookins – (Paignton, Devon)

This will be my 4th Hope 24 as a soloist.
I am looking forward to the challenge of increasing my mileage each year. My final training event is the Liverpool-Manchester Ultra in early April

Matt Davies – (Plymouth, Devon)

Getting on a bit now, a late starter to running, I tend to “Max up” at 10k (should do more) so here is my challenge to myself this year and why not its for a great cause, so Bring it on!

Matthew Bisco – (Millbrook, Cornwall)

Keep it simple. Say Yes More.

Colin Luscombe – (Plymouth, Devon)

Want to see how far I can get plus speand time with family and my club.

Philip Symons – (Plymouth, Devon)

I first got into running in 2010 when I completed the Plymouth Half Marathon. Since then I have completed many half marathons and now three marathons (London twice and the Clarendon) and a couple of trails races. In April 2017 I am running the Manchester Marathon. I really like running at busy events where there are plenty of crowds and other runners, creating a great atmosphere. Looking forward to the Hope 24 event.

Gary Smith – (Plymouth, Devon)

I am crazy

Gareth Morris – (Torpoint, Cornwall)

Run before but weren’t happy with result. This time I’m going to smash it.

Ben Austin – (Plymouth, Devon)

Runner with Team H Running. Ran hope 24 last year as part of a team and now doing this year as a soloist.

James Mousley – (Plymouth, Devon)

I am 23 from Plymouth and enjoy climbing, running, hiking and general endurance events. I have previously walked 77miles solo in 24 hours and would like the opportunity to travel further in the same amount of time. I’ve completed numerous half marathons and obstacle races and have a reasonable degree of running experience but am mostly interested in the mental aspect of endurance challenges.

Ian Ferguson – (Falmouth, Cornwall)

Initially this was my stag do but plans changed leaving me on my own.

Nicholas Kinsman – (Plymouth, Devon)

I’m a fat bloke training for Berlin marathon

Simon Macleod – (Plymouth, Devon)

Second time tacking the Hope24 course as a soloist – hopefully learnt a few lessons from last year to push myself a little bit further this time.
Awesome support all day and all night (especially as a soloist) – very much looking forward to May!

matt powell – (Plymouth, devon)

Wanted to take part this year and great training for my 50k in July…

Lee Doddridge – (Plymouth, Devon)

This is my 3rd year running the event once in a team and this will be 2nd time as a soloist…
3RD Time Lucky…..!!

Marc Jones – (Paignton, Devon)

Great event, missed last year, looking forward to having another crack

jake McCabe – (Plymouth, Devon)

running hope 24 this year, hoping to get some friends to also join up, if not, hopping to run with other runners from the school of creative arts.

Steve Ossie Hoskin – (Plymouth, Devon)

3rd time doing this event and LOVE IT!! A Runner now for 5 Years and a really big part of TEAM H RUNNING PLYMOUTH

Wes Hemstead – (Plymouth, Devon)

This is my second Hope24 event and hoping to reach 80-100 miles for my first solo event.

James Gallagher – (Plymouth, Devon)

30 year old Royal Marine. Fancy a challenge and want to complete 100 miles!

Warren Moyse – (plymouth, devon)

50 at 50 ? Why not

Andrew Boote – (Plymouth, Devon)

Back again

David Leabourne – (Poole, Dorset)

Dave from Poole in Dorset, competed in a 24 team at the Spitfire Scramble in 2014 and since then have always fancied having a bash at a 24 solo so here I go!

John Carter – (Plymouth, Devon)

Member of Plymstock Road Runners. Hope 24 virgin. Pulled out of team event last year due to injury. Hope 24 virgin. Will form part of training for 2nd Ironman in Wales in September

David Oliver – (Plymouth, Devon)

I ran as part of the mixed 4 last year and our team came in first. Ran multiple marathons and one ultra, have completed the Wales Iron man

james Ashforth – (Axminster, Devon)

Here I am finding myself entering Hope24 again, am I mad?
Simple answer no, upon reflection I enjoyed every single part of Hope24 last year. If you had asked me at the finish, I might have said something else.
I look forward to improving on what I did last year and aiming for 65 miles. I would also like to be able to cross the finish line, instead of having to withdraw prior the finish.
Can’t wait to meet up with old friends and to be making new friends along the trail.

Brian Lewis – (Torquay, Devon)

Solo Runner

William Blackstone – (Plymouth, Devon)

Helped out in 2016, and loved the vibe, so it’s on with the trainers this year…last completed a distance event in 2009, so will be good to see if my mind can still push the body around – in more ways than one!!!

Stephen Barker – (Newton Abbot, Devon)

Did it last year.

Sam Davis – (Poole, Dorset)

Running my first Hope24, egged on by my Dad who is also running!

Sam Whitmore – (Plymouth, Devon)

I love to run coastal road anything really and I’m doing it for a good course. I’ve never run more than 20 miles but I’m willing to try 60 over 24 hours

Matthew Bullock – (Saltash, Cornwall)

I am running this event for the first time with my wife Rachel and other members of my running club the Tamar Trotters. The race is on to see who can run the most laps.

Andrew Moir – (Saltash, Cornwall)

I run regularly with Tamar Trotters. In 2016 I ran 3 marathons (including 1 on my own for the 401 challenge from Princetown to Saltash) and 1 Ultra (32 mile RAT). Age 55 I didn’t start running regularly until age 52. In 2017 i am looking for a bigger challenge for an old slow runner like myself, so I am looking forward to completing Hope 24 as a solo runner.

Sean Childs – (Plymouth, Devon)

After a 14 year layoff from running, as a Cycling Time Trialist, I have returned to endurance sports in its rawest form. I think knowing my brother has already entered and will suffer will spur me on. May come to regret this.

Neill Travers – (Plymouth, Devon)

Member of Team H

Chris Snowdon – (Plympton, Devon)

My name is Chris snowdon, I’m an 25 years old, I am a member of storm Plymouth, my aim is to run as many laps as possible, just for a personal achievement.

Neil Buckman – (Swansea, Swansea)

First time ultra runner looking for a new challenge after a couple of Ironman

Gary Burdock – (Plymouth, Devon)

Run last 2 years in a team but going solo this year as its my 40th!!

James Blewett – (Plymouth, Devon)

Always up for a challenge

Steve Dale – (ST. AUSTELL, Cornwall)

I’ve been running for about 1.1/2 years. Completed 22 races this year ranging from 4 miles to my first marathon. I know a few people doing this event so thought I would give it a go

Stephen Collins – (Poole, Dorset)

I took part in my first 24hr event at Hope 24 in 2016 and what an experience it was! Great people, great course, great location, it was so great I thought I’d have another crack. I am running the South West Coast Path in the Summer of 2017 and this will be great training and I’m also hoping to better my distance from this year of 55 miles. I am running to raise money for two amazing charities; the Dorset Cancer Centre at Poole Hospital and the St Peter & St James Hospice in Sussex. Follow my journey on Facebook @runningontheedge2017

Michael Glattback – (Plymouth, Devon)

I run little and often and occasionally join up with the runners of Storm on a club run. Each year I like to challenge myself and enter at least one race or event that is out of my comfort zone just to see how I’ll do. 2017 sees the turn of the Hope24. Ooer!

Darren Williams – (Plymouth, Devon)

First time at event, new to running. Wedding anniversary weekend so thought treat the wife. Member of Plymouth Musketeers RC

Nigel Croft – (Plymouth, Devon)

Been running various distances from 10K to Ultramarathon (dartmoor – once only!) for 30 years. Did a Macmillan 24 hour walkathon a few years ago and managed over 60 miles in 18 hours (had to run off to do a show – my other passion, halfway through). I’ve spent the intervening years wondering if its possible to do 100 miles in 24 hours, and this is an opportunity to see how close I can get

Adrian Colwill – (Plymouth, Devon)

crazy enough to come back and beat last years figure, without blowing up and getting cold at night this year.
Mature student at Plymouth University

Matt Starling – (Torpoint, Cornwall)

A former 19 st powerlifter, now the founder of the Crafthole Running and Powerlifting club. Also known as Team CRaP. Not the fastest runner but determined to keep on going. Furthest non stop run to date 30miles…. I will be doing separate fund raising.

Stuart Campbell – (Plymouth, Devon)

Who is the fastest runner of all time?

Adam, because he came first in the human race!

Plym coastal runner, unfit, will happily run with someone who is punny.

Steve Burrows – (Plymouth, Devon)

Ever present at Hope 24, looking forward to more of the same in 2017!

Marc Bayly – (Truro, Cornwall)

I am a keen Runner ,and have run 10 marathons and 11 ultra marathons 3 of which where 100m runs and I completed them in under 24 hours and the Hope 24 gives me a chance to see how much further (hopefully) I can go .
I have 2 Children Jamie aged 16 and Melissa aged13 and work as a building contractor .
My Girlfriend Kay will also be running this event so will be nice to see her during the race

john elford – (plymouth, S.WEST)


RIchard Williams – (POOLE, Dorset)

I am back for my 2nd year, hoping to beat last years distance

Richard Davies – (Plymouth, Devon)

This will be my second year at Hope 24, last year I ran as part of a team this year I’ve enter as a Solo runner.

Thomas Gill – (Plymouth, Devon)

I have done the event twice now but always as part of a team. Decided this year I would go it alone.

Neil Williams – (Plymouth, Devon)

I’ve been running a few years now and my latest goal is to reach 100 marathons by the end of 2017 which is the year I reach 50. I enjoy running and coaching.

Paul soby – (Plymouth, Devon)

Paul soby
Plymstock road runner

John Hatrey – (Plymouth, Devon)

Solo runner with Team H Running Plymouth

Mark Gilding – (Plymouth, Devon)

Solo trail runner. Lets see how far we can go.

James Yeoman – (Plymouth, Devon)

Having done several ultras and an ironman I fancy a different sort of challenge !
Raising money for worthwhile charity’s is also a reason for entering !

Ben Loudon – (Bridport, Dorset)

Well Adam did it last year so I just have to run further than him

Luke Ogden – (Plymouth, Devon)

I am currently part of dartmoor search and rescue team plymouth. I am entering a 108 mile spine race in January along the pennine way. Love mountaineering and climbed Mt Toubkal the highest point in North Africa. Have never pushed myself to the limit and I believe this race for me will be able to show to myself how far I can go.

Barry Osborne – (Newquay, Cornwall)

Returning from this year to run it properly over the 24hrs and not sleeping for hours and only doing 80 miles! Even though I have a 24 endurance race the following weekend!

phil woolley – (cheltenham, glos)

Ultra runner have run 24 hour events three times 100k races inside 15 hours 100 mile races inside 24 hours marshal most weekends if not racing myself. certainly wont win it but will enjoy, thanks

David Shalders – (Plymouth, Devon)

I am a Hope24 virgin!! Going to try a few different events next year after a quiet one this year. A couple of sprint triathlon’s and the Great South Run already planned

steve western – (Cardiff, Cardiff)



Will be in the middle of my 60 ten klm in 60 days leading up to my 60 th birthday but hope to run more than 10 klm in 24 hours at HOPE 24 JUST COULD NOT MISS THIS GREAT WEEKEND with the Plymton pARK rUN WARM UP Will also be supporting the YEOVIL LOPPY LADIES !!!!

Andy Norris – (Plymouth, Devon)

Ironman athlete who is moving on to Ultras

Jean Baptiste Rouvelin – (South Brent, Devon)

Got myself injured last year but visited a friend during the event and the atmosphere even at 11 at night was brilliant.

Andy Charles – (Plymouth, Devon)

Hi loved the 2015 event and missed not running in 2016 so back for 2017 again as a solo looking to soak in the great atmosphere and better the 70 miles I ran in 2015. Experienced runner but this will be only my second ultra.

Richard Boucher – (Plymouth, Devon)

Have done hope 24 since the start, this time I am going solo

Alex Putman – (Plymouth, Devon)

Mixed emotions last year as I only achieved 60 miles, (injury) looking for 100 this time round. Great event and actually enjoyed every bit of it !!!

Brett Simons – (Plymouth, Cornwall)

Ive been running just over 1 year and completed my first marathon this year and I’m looking for my next challenge to sink my teeth into

Paul Reeve – (Portreath, Cornwall)

You know me πŸ™‚

Paul Marshall – (Yelverton, Devon)

Ran inaugural event in 2014 in a team of six and thoroughly enjoyed it. Not been able to run the event since for medical reasons. Now wish to set a new personal challenge as a solo runner to see how far I am able to run in 24 hours. No set targets…except to enjoy a fantastic weekend! πŸ™‚

Mark Willcocks – (plymouth, devon)

Fourth time at HOPE24,
first time helping out,
second as a team member,
third as a solo..
fourth will again be solo and surviving the ride…
no ego, no frills, no shortcuts….
Adding to the sea of Muskie Blue…


Aged 60 took up triathlon, 72, cycled 240 mile non-stop, 73. 85 mile I.O.M. Walking race finisher, only 150 finishers out of 1,500 starters
79, Second ultra, ran 54 miles in 24 hr event. Will do a Parathlon in 2 weeks time?: cycle 14 mile, run 5k, cycle 14 mile, swim 600 mts then a tandem parachute jump, dependent on jump day weather. Next year a leisurely cycle with friends John o’ Groats to Lands End over 2 wks.To celibrate 80. Proud member of HAPPY GIANTS group of friends.

kevvo hamill – (wembury, devon)

Lets see how far I can go

jean-marc lawton – (Ullapul, Rois an Iar)

Running for the third time – one of, if not the actual, best event I’ve ever run in a very long running career
Best moment of 2016 was being out running as the sun rose, hearing the soar of dawn chorus birdsong and then feeling the warmth of the new day on my back. Hats off to Danny for organizing the Hope 24, a unique and delightful beast

Adam Kirtley – (Plymouth, Devon)

Like a challenge

Tim Haimes – (Tavistock, Devon)

I’m 43 years old, and never run an ultra before. Seemed like a great place to run my first one. Fingers crossed all the training goes well and I can make it to the end of the 24hrs.

don rigby – (east portlemouth, devon)

A sandwich short of a picnic

Mark Gregory – (Plymouth, Devon)

Back for the fourth year and hoping to to rack up my 400th mile on Hope 24!

David Eadie – (Plymouth, Plymouth)

I watched my girlfriend take part this year. I thought it looked disgusting, so decided to give it a go next year.

Gary Spivey – (Crediton, Devon)

Looking forward to it!

Andy Wortley – (Plymouth, Devon)

Have been running for over 30 years but have got fatter instead of faster πŸ™‚ want to focus on something and do myself proud and raise a few pounds for some excellent charities.

Allister Bristow – (Ivybridge, Devon)

Local runner that was blown away by the event last year. Want to have a go at solo this year after running in a group of 5 last year. Have been running since I was 11 years old and want to run a 24 before I die or am carted off by the men in white coats.

James Render – (Cannock, Staffordshire)

This will be my second Hope event, the first didn’t go so well so I’m back to have another go and better my first effort.

Richard Uffendell – (SOUTH MOLTON, Devon)

My longest challenge to date. I had to defer my 2016 place due to Injury.

Jason Fern – (Bideford, Devon)

Done every Hope24, the best event there is. Taking it easy this year but will enjoy it all the same.

Murray Turner – (Yelverton, Devon)

I will be running solo to attempt a sub 24hr 100miler.

Simon Paice – (Torpoint, Cornwall)

Managed as a solo 100k in 2016; aiming for 100 miles in 2017

David Brown – (Salisbury, Wiltshire)

I have done a few ultras, looking for the next step up….going for longer and in the night. Hoping there will be lots of people to follow !!

Julian Setterington – (Yelverton, Devon)

I run a little with the Bere Alston Trekkers and am also involved with Dartmoor Rescue. This seems like a good challenge!

Dan Case – (Plymouth, Devon)

Back for a second time, awesome event!

Chris Passey – (Exmouth, Devon)

I partook in Hope24 2015 and 2016 in a fantastic team of 8 (Your pace or mine?) but I’m looking to really challenge myself in 2017 and see how far I can run, walk (and probably crawl) in the 24 hours.

Matthew Monaghan – (London, London)

I will be fundraising for the Charity Ali’s Gift. It is a foundation set up in aid of a good friend of mine whose brother died 2 years ago from Cystic Fibrosis. All of the funds go to helping people with CF live a full and exciting life, without limitations. I want to raise a minimum of Β£5,000.

Derrick Warren – (Plymouth, Devon)

Perhaps my favourite event I’ve done. Decided 35 miles wasn’t enough! Can you make sure the weather is good again; perhaps a tad warmer in the morning?

Wayne Bulley – (plymouth, Devon)

Love cycling,running and fun. Love taking my little boy out for bike ride.

Mike Saunders – (Plymouth, DEVON)

Back for my 3rd solo attempt

Ashley Brent – (Newton Abbot, Devon)


Tim Rundell – (plymouth, Devon)


michael greaves – (plymouth, devon)

a keen runner and triathlete for 30 + years looking for different challenges and long distance running has stuck the right cord with me. hope24 2016 was a fantastic event, looking to push my bounders farther to see what i can really achieve.

David Vickerstaff – (Plymouth, Devon)

I have run the London marathon twice and am running the Manchester Marathon in April 2017 searching for an elusive GFA time. I’m looking for a new challenge to see just how far I can go….. Would love to hit 100km!

Nick Marsh – (Worcester, Worcestershire)

Young professional looking for a new physical/mental challenge outside of work. Successfully took part in Ironman Tenby 2014 but since work has taken over.

Stuart Francis-Dubois – (Plymouth, Devon)

Storm Runner going solo

Dougie McLaren – (Plymouth, Devon)

Hoping to break 100km!

Steve Rose – (Plymouth, Devon)

Ran Hope24 for the first time in 2016 and loved it. Hope to raise some money for Dartmoor SAR Team of which I am a member. Hopefully my knee will allow me to do lots of laps!

Ken Kingston – (Plymouth, Devon)

Time to have a little fun and support Dartmoor Rescue (Plymouth)

william callaway – (Bodmin, Cornwall)

Coming back for a second go.

Ed Fletcher – (London, London)

Can’t wait for next year!!!!

Jason Shipton – (callington, Cornwall)

Been doing this event as solo for the first year love this event a lot hope to keep doing it as long as I can

Alex Hocking – (Camborne, Cornwall)

I’ve been running for a few years and have completed various ultra races. I’m keen to see how far I can go in the 24hour time send enjoy meeting other people with the same goal.

David Wells – (Broughton, North Lincolnshire)

Hope 24 is one part of my 4 -24 challenge, taking on the 4 disciplines in quadrathlon, each in races of 24 hours or over.

Adrian Butler – (Plymouth, Devon)

4th time running this event, really enjoy the pain. Pulled out 2016 due to ankle injury.Managed 50 miles though. I want more in 2017!

Andy Cooper – (Plymouth, Devon)

Back for a 3rd year, second as solo.

Richard Best – (Plymouth, Devon)

Ran hope 24 in 2016 in a team of 5. Loved it.

Matthew Walkey – (Plymouth, Devon)

Joined the Plymouth Harriers in the new year 2016. Really enjoying running at the moment and look forward to the massive challenge that is Hope 24.

Steve Davis – (Poole, Dorset)

I am a runner from Poole, and just getting into trail running. No great pace, I’m here for a great company and the challenge!

Darren Hewlett – (Plymouth, Devon)

Had an absolute blast this year, can’t wait to take to the hills all over again.

paul dodson – (newton abbot, devon)

I am turning into a crazy runner before this year i had done 3 marathons and one ultra over two years. by the end of this year i will have done 5 ultras 8 marathons. with hope 24 2016 being the best event i have done. i did it as a soloist and did 65 miles so next year i will be aiming for 100 miles.

Jon Anderson – (Plymouth, Devon)

Probably be kicked out of the event tent on Friday night again, dirty stop outs

Mark Thomas – (PLYMOUTH, Devon)

I ran in 2016 as part of a 4 man team but only managed 2 laps after badly spraining my ankle, hoping to do more than that as a soloist in 2017 lol.

Daniel Clewley – (Plymouth, Devon)

Ran in 2016 and loved it. Looking forward to doing it again.

RUSSELL LEETON – (Launceston, Cornwall)


Jeremy Goddard – (Paignton, Devon)

Will be 2nd time at Hope, aim to run further!

Chris Hucker – (Ide, Devon)

Haldon Trail Runner, 2016 55 miles up at midnight so there is unfinished business here.

Jim Keen – (Plymouth, Devon)

I’ve been running for the last 6 years for the Tamar Trotters. I ran the Hope 24 last year and loved it.

Jason Childs – (Plymouth, Devon)

Plymouth Muskateers. watched last years Hope 24 and was gutted I wasn’t taking part, so thought I’d take the plunge and have a crack at Hope 2017.

paul martin – (plymouth, devon)

HI Danny I was captain of team musky last year and ran 35 miles want to see how far I can push myself this year as a solo runner

Darren Munday – (Plymouth, Devon)

Run for Plymouth Musketeers. Was part of a team in 2016. Wanted to take on the solo challenge in 2017.

David Bennett – (Plymouth, Devon)

40 something been running three years fancied a challenge in 2017

Gareth Hawcroft – (Plymouth, Devon)

I am a father of 4 who has run way to many half marathons and marathons. This will be my 3rd Hope24 and I am hoping to beat my PB of 55 miles.

Rob Shaddick – (Plymouth, Devon)

I am running 40 4 40 as my friends are 40 in 2017.

Dave Rennick – (Pontypool, Torfaen)


Rick Fielder – (Braunton, Devon)

Back for the 4th time!

Paul Elliott – (Plymouth, Devon)

Ran Hope24 as part of a team in 2016 and loved it! Can’t wait to do this again

Jeremy Westmore – (Plymouth, Devon)

Im a family man who enjoys running & cycling. Always up for a new challenge :-).

Steve Skedgell – (Newton Abbot, Devon)

I am co-Director of PureTrail, organisers of Trail Running Events The Dartmoor Volcano, The Hameldown Hammer, The Crossing and The Great Escape.

Hope 24 may turn out to be my 100th marathon (including ultra marathons) so I’m looking forward to running this event with numerous friends.

Steve Flack – (Plymouth, Devon)

Back again. Managed 80 miles last time as a pair and hoping to match that solo.

James Gill – (Plymouth, Devon)

Having completed last years solo run, im looking to better my 60 miles completed! I will try to do more than 13.1 miles in my training runs! Looking forward to another amazing event, running with some brilliant people in a beautiful location!

Richard Ham – (Plymouth, Devon)

Second time running this event loved it last year so going to try and do the solo this year ! Great event

David Hammond – (Plymouth, Devon)

Started running in 2012 to lose weight and 4 years later competed my first ultra marathon

Luke Cameron – (Plymouth, Devon)

I started running 5 years ago, with one aim to complete a half marathon. I currently run with Plymouth Musketeers. Run and Cycle at loads of different events, done hope24 2016 as part of team of 5. Planning to see how far I can push myself in 2017.

Matt Bradley – (Plymouth, Devon)

My second year running this amazing event. Trying to raise as much money as possible for a fantastic cause.

Alex Hanson – (Wembury, Devon)

Brilliant event, returning for the 4th year…..can’t wait!!!!!

Daniel Lavender – (Plymouth, Devon)

I’m currently a serving firefighter in Plymouth at Crownhill fire station. My running past has only consisted of 1 marathon, this was London in 2010 where I raised over Β£3000 for bowed cancer uk. I like a challenge for charity and this would be my biggest. Not known for being a runner like the great start hall I work with this will push me hard!

Paul Williams – (Plymouth, Devon)

Experienced Hope24 for the first time in 2016 as part of a team – Lived it, Loved it and Ran it. an absolutely amazing experience so this year its solo all the way for me to test myself to the max!!

Pete Waumsley – (Plymouth, Devon)

2nd year doing Hope…ran as part of Kneesly Smashed in 2016 with Zoe Drake and wanted to return and go solo….love this event…great atmosphere, brilliant people involved…aim this year is to get as close to 100 miles in 24 hours as possible….

Owain Thomas – (Plymouth, devon)

4th year with this event. Ultra marathoner for X-Bionic UK and Sunwise. First person ever to run from New Forest to Land’s End (2015) training for 2017 big epic

Tim Chudley – (Plymouth, Devon)

First endurance running event, prefer 2 wheels but the wife made me do it!!

Andy Sample – (Poole, Dorset)

Third Hope24!