Questions relating to camping; welfare provision and more.

When does the campsite open and close?

The site opens from around 16:00 on the Friday night.

For those that want to stay over after the event, you may remain on site until midday on the Monday. All we ask is you inform us of your intention so we can let the landowner know how many will be there.

Can I bring a campervan?

Yes, however, we do not have any electrical hook-ups. We can organsie cheap rate generators through our provider.

Is there water available?

Yes, there are several taps along the site with drinking water available.

Do you have showers?

No, due to the cost and water pressure on the site, it is not something we provide.

Can soloists camp near transition?

We have a dedicated area for solo runners close to the start/finish point. We provide toilets dedicated to the soloists so they can keep running and keep their breaks short.

However, if a soloist prefers to camp with friends or another team, we do not require them to camp in the solo area!


Questions relating to fundraising; paying in offline donations and more.

How can I pay in money earned offline?

There are three options;

  1. Pay it in to your own bank and make a single donation or mulitple donations to your site for the amount raised.
  2. Bring it to the event and we will bank it and transfer it to the charity.
  3. Pay it directly to the charity itself, details here. Then ensure you show it as an offline donation on your page.
Can I fundraise for another charity?

Yes, however, only those fundraising for our chosen charities can claim the reduced entry fee. But we welcome you to fundraise for causes close to your heart as well.

Can i get a sponsorship form?

We have one available for download here.

The Event

Questions about the event itself.

Do you offer winners prizes?

No. We prefer to reward runners across the whole event. This event is not about the fastest or strongest, it’s about people coming togehter and supporting each other to go further than they thought possible.

Therefore, we offer random prizes that are kindly donated to us. So we can reward those that have raised the most, those that keep smiling, those that do that something extra.

With over 100 prizes we hope many people can get a reward.

Do you use chip timing?

Yes, we use a system that allows us to group teams together which means you get a team time, individual split times and have the ability to enquire your times through a remote screen at the race control.

You can even view the event timing live on the web!

What happens if I want to finish early?

No problem, just let us know so we can give you your medal and mark you as off the course. This stops us searching the woods for days for missing runners!

Can I run with my dog?

Unfortunately for two years we allowed it as numbers were low. However, as the course becomes more congested with  we have had to say no.

However, dogs may come on site as long as you control them and clean up after them.

Can I wear headphones?

Yes, you may need it during the long night and to drown out the noise of the peacocks!

When does registration open?

Registration is open from around 18:00 on the Friday night. Obviously the sooner we hand out the numbers and tech-tees the less rush there is in the hours leading to the start.

We do not post numbers out.