Chamtriers – Team of 2 – (Torquay, Devon)

Husband and wife training for our first mountain ultra 80 k in Chamonix.

John and dave – Team of 2 – (Plymouth, Devon)

It’s going to me and my cousin Chris also known as John.

Woodlee – Team of 2 – (Ivybridge, Devon)

Two mates who are runners ones a hare ones a tortoise but both hate road running.

Team Caseley – Team of 2 – (Kidderminster, Worcestershire)

We’re husband and wife looking to improve our fitness, this will be our 2nd ultra event, the first being in a bigger team.

Team Jules – Team of 2 – (Plymouth, Devon)

It’s Jules’s birthday on the 14th. Sounds like the perfect birthday present to me!

Arundell Angels – Team of 2 – (Torquay, Devon)

Mum and Dad running team, bringing 2 kids for the experience! First timers

King & Then – Team of 2 – (Plymouth, Devon)

Run for Storm

Team H Two – Team of 2 – (Plymouth, Devon)

A crazy pair running as far as our little legs will take us.

Team O’connor – Team of 2 – (Plymouth, Devon)

Husband and wife team returning to run again

Motive8(B) – Team of 3 – (Exeter, devon)

Motivated by Lee Cooke of Motive8 Fitness who ran as a solo runner last year and has this year brought a bunch of new runners to the event

Dream Team – Team of 3 – (Exeter, Devin)

A team of 4 that did it last year and loved it. Now a 3.

Drinkers with a running problem! – Team of 3 – (Plymouth, Devon)

Sam,John & Jason are 3 Plymouth marathoners and have been ever present since the start of Hope24.
This is our favourite event of the year by far!

Hopeful Striders – Team of 3 – (Plymouth, Devon)

We run for a small and friendly running club based in woolwell called Plymouth Striders.

More than one step beyond – Team of 3 – (Plymouth, Devon)

A family team looking to improve on last year’s achievement

Team Tavistock College B – Team of 3 – (Tavistock, Devon)

Back again for 2017. Team Tavistock College were proud to raise over £1200 in 2016 for Hope for Children, the fantastic charity helping children worldwide. Let’s see if we can raise even more this year.
Tavistock College are committed to every aspect of a child’s development and we take great pride in our role within the local and wider community. We are therefore delighted to take part in this wonderful event again this year. For some staff members, this is another great event on the running calendar and for others it’s their first running event experience, and what an experience it is! By working as a team we can achieve great things and the Hope 24 is a fantastic example of this.

Roman Gladiators – Team of 3 – (Tavistock, Devon)

This is the first time we have entered a endurance event, One of us has done a marathon the other to have run a half marathon so this is going to be a challenge for sure. But a challenge we are looking forward to!

Bere Alston Three – Team of 3 – (YELVERTON, Devon)

A group of Bere Alston Trekkers



This is how we roll – Team of 4 – (Leamington Spa, Warwickshire)

A gym running club from Nuffield health, Warwick

Harriers Blood Sweat and Beers – Team of 4 – (Plymouth, Devon)

Mixed team from Plymouth Harriers some of whom are returning for a second year.

Motive8 (c) – Team of 4 – (Exeter, Devon)

Inspired by Lee Cooke of Motive8 Fitness who ran as a solo runner last year and is bringing multiple teams this year

The Posties – Team of 4 – (Plymouth, Devon)

Mates wanting to experience the challenge again!!

Motive8(A) – Team of 4 – (Exeter, Devon)

Team Motive8 are a group of runners inspired by Lee Cooke a solo runner from last year. Who runs his own fitness company Motive8

DIGGERPLUG – Team of 4 – (Plymouth, DEVON)

3Rd year for us doing hope24 and its truly a unique event in the southwest.
The course the atmosphere and the organisers/marshals are indeed fantastic.
It’s just a great thing to be part of.

PTC Chancers – Team of 4 – (Plymouth, Devon)

Team of 4 like minded Plymouth Triathlon members 3 of which completed Ironman Wales in 2016 all looking for a challenge

Scrambled Legs – Team of 4 – (St Austell, Cornwall)

Four great guys looking for a great time and look awesome in tight shorts!

ClairBaldings – Team of 4 – (Plymouth, Devon)

A selection mixed ability runners all at different stages of hairloss

excessive corrosion – Team of 4 – (plymouth, devon)

Random set of 4 people 3 from last year and a new one. All ready to get the miles down range

Team H Running – Team of 4 – (Plymouth, Devon)

Mixed team of 4 from Team H Running.

Launceston Road Runners – Team of 4 – (Launceston, Cornwall)

Four members of the Launceston Road Runners taking on a new challenge. We are Adrian Brown, Chris Norris, Mary Roberts and Jonathan Roberts. Apart from Adrian who entered a 4 day 100 mile ultra last year, this is the first time we have entered anything like this. We are all looking forward to the challenge and running with other like minded, mad people 😀 Bring it on!!!

#TeamHugs – Team of 4 – (Plymouth, Devon)

A team of mixed ability runners who have been peer pressured into participating in this event again!!

Running for cake – Team of 4 – (Plymouth, devon)

Bunch of physio’s from Portsmouth…and Nat

Never Ever Ever Again Team – Team of 5 – (Ivybridge, Devon)

A mixed group of Erme Valley Harriers from Ivybridge of advancing years! Always up for a laugh and hoping to repeat the fantastic experience of 2016

Fab 5 – Team of 5 – (Ivybridge, Devon)

A mixed team from Plymouth Harriers

DART 04 – Team of 5 – (Plymouth, Devon)

We are members of the Dartmoor Search & Rescue Team, Plymouth. We are all volunteers, who train regularly and are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are there to help find missing persons and save lives on Dartmoor as well as the surrounding areas.

#HashtagHashbrowns – Team of 5 – (Plymouth, Devon)

Group of friends that all met when we joined Storm Running around the same time and didn’t really know anyone there. Became great friends and do many events together and have so many laughs and #Bants

50 Shades of Mud – Team of 5 – (Cheltenham, Gloucestershire)

A group of friends who met through the Plymouth Musketeers RC and reunite for fun and challenges, preferably both at the same time.

YTRRC Loopy Ladies – Team of 5 – (Yeovil, Somerset)

This will be our 3rd outing and absolutely love this event. We are taking on board a new member, welcome Lindsay (you will hear her before you see her). But us remain other 4 are still on board (Linda, Lynne, Anita and Katie). We are an all female team from Yeovil and we like a challenge, a party and whatever is thrown at us… roll on May 2017.

No sleeves and a cap for hair – Team of 5 – (Saltash, Cornwall)

Last year we were can’t believe clarkey is only 40, we won the 5 team category. Back for more this year after loving last year. We are all Tamar trotters and love a laugh as much as the run

Chatty paces two – Team of 5 – (braunton, devon)

team two for chatty paces running club

chatty paces one – Team of 5 – (braunton, devon)

we are a womens running club from Braunton North Devon,

Five go Running – Team of 5 – (Ivybridge, Devon)

Four women so far. One more member to find! Two of us did the event this year and loved it!

Anto’s Angels – Team of 5 – (plymouth, devon)

We are a team of 5. We all run in the same running group STORM.

That’s what she said – Team of 5 – (Plymouth, Devon)

We entered for the first time in 2016 as a team of 6 and hit our goal of 24 laps between us. This year we are entering as a team of 5 with an aim of 25 laps

Bailey Partnership – Team of 5 – (Plymouth, Devon)

Bailey Partnership are local construction consultants and the team is made up of architects and engineers.

BMF Totally Hopeless – Team of 5 – (Saltash, CORNWALL)

2nd Team entry from British Military Fitness Plymouth (Other team is ‘Hopeful’)

Team Sloshed – Team of 5 – (Ivybridge, Devon)

We get together once a year at Hope to wear silly clothes, run some laps and enjoy the atmosphere.

The Hopefulls – Team of 5 – (Plymouth, Devon)

A fab bunch of friends that fancy the challenge again

Team Nichold6 – Team of 5 – (Plymouth, Devon)

We are storm Leaders who really enjoyed 2016. Positive feedback was relayed back to the club and storm are coming to get you.

‘The New Fivers’ – Team of 5 – (Saltash, Cornwall)

A team of misfits thrown together in the face of peril…

Sam ‘El Capitan’ Mason – Fittest in every sense of the word
Anna ‘Saves our Bacon’ Murton – Stares hills down for breakfast
Jake ‘In no way a snake in the grass’ Bright – Ultra boy, can run a bit too
Emma ‘The Lady’ Jackson – Team nutritionist and spirit warrior
Sally ‘I’m no token female Mason’ – Female

weekend warriors – Team of 5 – (plymouth, devon)

we are four guys that have got a real big passion for running very competitive but love to have fun why we are running

Team Tavistock College A – Team of 5 – (Tavistock, Devon)

Back again in 2017 for more of the same! Team Tavi consists of staff members from Tavistock College running together for great fun and fundraising. Look out for the Tavistock College flags on site and pop in and say hello and please dont forget to sponsor us to help us raise as much money as possible for this great charity.

Lifestyle Solutions Fitness Studio Team 2 – Team of 5 – (Truro, Cornwall)

We are a team made up of people who met at a local gym in Cornwall inspired by our great trainer and fitness guru Shaun Windo

Micro Meese – Team of 5 – (Plymouth, Devon)

We all work in the Microbiology department at the RD&E in Exter 🙂

Beauty click – Team of 5 – (Plymouth, Devon)

unlikely bunch – Team of 5 – (abergaveny, gwent)

five lads four who this event is there first 24 hour run and also this will be the furthest most have run before. mainly looking to complete the 24 hours and have a bit of fun on the way

Hopeless5 – Team of 5 – (Exmouth, Devon)

Mixed team 3 male 2 female
2 Royal Marines and 3 civies

Don’t Give Up Hope! – Team of 6 – (Plymouth, Devon)

A mixed team from Plymouth Harriers

Buck the Trend – Team of 6 – (Bovey Tracey, Devon)

A mixed bunch !!

Fats and Furious – Team of 6 – (Plymouth, Devon)

Group of Met Office staff who like running

The Hopefuls – Team of 6 – (Plymouth, Devon)

A group of friends who all met through BMF Plymouth who like to do fitness based events and Party

Storm troopers – Team of 6 – (Plymouth, Devon)

We run with a club and fancied taking on this event

Rock Up Jets – Team of 6 – (plymouth, devon)

Team Rock Up

Lifestyle Solutions Fitness Studio Team 1 – Team of 6 – (Redruth, Cornwall)

Lifestyle solutions fitness team

Another team of Hopefulls – Team of 6 – (Plymouth, Devon)

Rock Up Sharks – Team of 6 – (Plymouth, Devon)

Second team of Rock-Up all from Storm Running Club.

Beer Team 2 – Team of 7 – (Nr.Totnes, Devon)

We are all runners from a local running group. Three of us ran Hope24 last year and thoroughly enjoyed it especially all the camaraderie throughout the whole of the 24 hours- both from other runners and the organisers. Even though it was freezing at night- we’re coming back! So we persuaded others to join us!

SH4 – 5 FRB’ies & a Pony. – Team of 7 – (ivybridge, Devon)

A group of local Hashers and trail runners of varied ages, questionable ability and boundless enthusiasm.

The Over Active Under Achievers – Team of 7 – (Yelverton, Devon)

We are made up of a group of runners who have known and run with each over a period of 10+ years, we are scattered geographically and love coming together to support Hope 24.

Hugs from Henry – the walkers – Team of 7 – (Plymouth, Devon)

We are a team training for the three peaks in 24 hours for Hugs from Henry.

Hitt and runners – Team of 7 – (Exeter, Devon)

A group of running / circuit buddies coming back for a 3rd time….we love it

Station 47 A – Team of 7 – (Plymouth, Devon)

Local fire station crews taking part as 2 teams.

Station47 B – Team of 7 – (Plymouth, Devon)

Local fire station crews taking part as 2 teams.

team Oman – Team of 7 – (ivybridge, devon)

team Oman will consist of both a mixed gender and ability runners, so members will be completely new to this type of event. But to balance that out some members are experienced hope 24 participants, both as a soloist or a team member. The will be headed up by local GB triathlete Ben Oman. The challenge for this team will be to continue to run for the full 24 hour period, clocking up as many miles as possible. In order to achieve this will require guts determination and a lot of team work from all.

Your pace or mine? – Team of 8 – (Exeter, Devon)

Group of runners who met at Exeter runclub.

Running Somewhere Else 1 – Team of 8 – (Cirencester, Gloucestershire)

We’ve been here since the start, love this event!

Running somewhere else 2 – Team of 8 – (Cirencester, Glos)

Team 2 Running somewhere else!

Total Rebuild – Team of 8 – (Plymouth, Devon)

Total Rebuild are hard working phys monkeys who like to put the effort in and swing kettle bells.

The “Trump Effect” – Team of 8 – (North Somerset, North Somerset)

A group of friends running and camping for fun!!!

WE8TORUN – Team of 8 – (Plymouth, Devon)

I am a regular runner who loves to push myself and always up for a new challenge, after supporting the event last year i knew id had to do this.